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Tablet App

Ahh the tablet. A smashin’ little device that sits somewhere between your desktop and mobile.

Tablet App Development

With big screens, wonderful technology and operating systems and beautifully designed applications. These bad boys can make your game, products or company app really stand out.

We play games and we use apps, and when given a choice of what device to use, we always go for a tablet. Our office is littered with every tablet under the sun (sadly we have to purchase these things, it’s part of the job!) and we love them.

Tablet App Development for tablets are a different kettle of fish to making them for mobile or desktops. The screen sizes are unique, they’re too big to cover the whole screen with your hand and too small to warrant putting on a desk. So the user will expect a different experience – they will expect your tablet app to be a little bit special. And that’s where we come in…

But we’re not ones to boast…we prefer to show not tell. So please, take a look at some of our work and you’ll see what we can deliver.

iPad, iPad retina, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Nexus 7’s, Microsoft Surface’s, iPad mini’s … They all need special love and attention. So let us love and attend to them for you.

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